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How to Pick the Perfect Venue for Your Wedding

Making the right choice of venue can be hard. Read these tips to help get a leg up on your wedding planning.


A budget can always be tricky to stick to when it comes to weddings. Little things you may not have even thought of like wedding party gifts, tasting fees and marriage licenses add up. When you and your significant other are setting your budget you want to make a list of your priorities.


Themed weddings may not be as popular as they once were but that doesn't mean your wedding can't have a mood. Whether you're whimsical, modern, or minimal, you'll need a venue to cast the perfect backdrop.


Do you want to have a small wedding or would you prefer to invite many guests? Will you be hosting your ceremony and reception at the same or different locations?


Are your guests mostly local or will they be flying in to join the party? Choosing a venue that is easily accessible from major airports will certainly ease the commute of your attendees.

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