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Tiny Cottage Treasures: A Few of Our Favorite Local Finds

In the enchanting world of tiny living, every nook and cranny holds the potential for tranquility. Inspired by the timeless melody of "These are a Few of My Favorite Things," we've curated a list of local gems that have transformed our tiny cottage into a haven of peace and joy all year-round.
1. 'Lose the Shoes' Welcome Mat and Living Room Lighting Fixture from Fiddle & Fig This lighting fixture was the first piece chosen from Fiddle and Fig for this space about a year prior to it being complete. We love how it's sleek matte black exterior and warm golden center adds a touch of warmth and creates a conversation piece that draws your eyes to the high ceilings. The 'Lose the Shoes' playful welcome mat invites a sense of casual comfort, as you step into the tiny house.

2. Loose Leaf Tea and Teapot by Tea and Toast Imagine sipping calming tea on the wrap around pour lovingly made by Kylie at Tea and Toast. Their loose leaf tea and charming glass teapot offer a moment of calm, turning a small corner of
your cottage into a retreat for reflection and mindfulness. Catch Tea and Toast at Cobblestone Farmer's Market in Old Salem on Saturdays as well in shops around town in Winston-Salem!
3. Amber Glass Straws from Theodore's 
The Tiny Cottage is environmentally-concious designed. Sip sustainably while you visit with amber glass straws from Theodore's in Reynolda Village. Elevate your beverage experience while reducing your environmental footprint, as these locally sourced straws add a touch of eco-conscious sophistication to your tiny haven.
4. Paintings and 2024 Calendar by A.K. Landreth The home wouldn't be complete without adorn the walls with the timeless artistry of good friend, A.K. Landreth. From captivating paintings to a meticulously crafted 2024 calendar of some of the artist's, each piece adds a touch of beauty and inspiration. We can't wait to have a custom piece inspired by made in the future to fill the walls a bit more!

5. Candles from Fancy Groceries by Lineage Goods & The Golden Magnolia Nothing illuminates your space quite like the soft flicker of candles. We gathered our favorite scents from Fancy Groceries crafted by Lineage Goods and The Golden Magnolia, these hand-poured treasures infuse our tiny haven with the soothing scents of tranquility and relaxation.
6. Wooden Trees by Red Rose Woodworking Red Rose Woodworking bring the outdoors in. Rance handcrafts wooden trees not only celebrate nature's beauty but also add a rustic elegance to our tiny cottage, creating a space where simplicity meets sophistication. Check out other custom pieces in our rentals and gifts page!

7. The Moravian Star Tree Topper by The Moravian Star Company
The Moravian star holds a special place in Winston-Salem's cultural tapestry, serving as an emblem of the city's rich history and its strong ties to the Moravian community. Originating from the Moravian Church, which played a pivotal role in the city's establishment, the star has become an iconic symbol of unity and celebration. Each holiday season, the Moravian star graces the city's skyline, adorning homes, streets, and public spaces, radiating a sense of warmth and togetherness. The Moravian Star Company is designed locally and they offer three sizes for decorating your home.

8. Potted Plants from House of Plants

Living greenery brings an additional touch of nature indoors. We've included several plants from House of Plants and just adore the lively spirit they offer to the space.

9. Tiny House Built by Perch and Nest Of course, the heart of this tranquil abode is the tiny house itself. Crafted by Perch and Nest, our tiny cottage becomes a testament to meticulous design and quality craftsmanship, embodying the essence of peace and simplicity. A quiet retreat for getting ready on your big day or spending quality time over hot cocoa on the patio watching the sunset, we think you'll find this newest addition to the property quite charming!

Whether you're stopping by for a few hours on your wedding or photo session day to get ready in our tiny cottage, or you're simply intigued by the items we shared, consider shopping from these local shops we love. The beauty of local craftsmanship knows no bounds—what are some other local companies that you would love to see gracing your tiny cottage? Share your favorites and let the symphony of local artistry continue to fill your space with harmony and joy.


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