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The Little Chapel at Haven Ridge is first and foremost, a private family-owned sanctuary. A true hidden gem, nestled among sprawling meadows in the city that transports its visitors to a setting straight from an old world fairytale. A dream nurtured for nearly two decades, every square inch of this 16th-century-inspired stone chapel, spanning a modest 600 square feet, has been meticulously handcrafted with devotion by artisans from North Carolina. It seamlessly marries modern craftsmanship with historical treasures, including a 150-year-old stained glass door, 200-year-old clay monk roof tile, and bricks that have withstood the test of over 500 years, orginating in England. 

To our family, the 56+ acre property holds a special place in our hearts. It's not just a sanctuary for worship and celebration; it's also a testament to our deep connection to the land where we, as children, were raised and where we have now grown our own families. We continue to live here and actively manage its operations, embodying our commitment to protect and cherish the surrounding environment, keeping it sacred for generations to come. In the spirit of The Blessing song lyrics written on the stained glass window, 'May His favor be upon you and a thousand generations, and your family and your children, and their children, and their children', it is a place where marriages unite, bonds are formed, and radiant love spreads.


The Little Chapel's slogan is, "Rooted in love", a mantra the Bradford family conveys through the inclusive community they are cultivating here. The Little Chapel is a symbol of hope, peace, and a reminder

that no dream is impossible or too small.


At the end of the day, we extend a warm invitation to make our "Little" sanctuary a cherished part of your upcoming next chapter together. 

Read more about our inspiration and the chapel's architectural details to follow along with the journey.


The chapel was purposefully crafted by North Carolina artisans to bring all the benefits of modern technology, presented in a timeless old world inspired design.


  • 600 sq. feet Chapel

  • Seats 50-60 people (folding chairs)

  • 500+ year old brick from England

  • 6 dimmable hand-tooled wood/steel candelabra chandeliers

  • 4 Oak ceiling trusses

  • Single private restroom with 150 year old stained glass door and barrel truss ceiling

  • 2 Small covered porches with rustic blacksmith-made chandeliers

  • 10 Custom-crafted stained glass windows

  • Surround sound system

  • 120" screen (hidden floor scissor lift) with short-throw 4K HDR projector


  • ADA accessible amenities (ramp & restrooms)

  • Climate controlled (HVAC heat/air)

  • Open floor plan

  • Available year-round, weekends and weekdays


The secret garden-inspired Courtyard is located between the side patio of the Chapel and the Solarium. In addition to the front lawn, the Courtyard offers over 5,000 ft² for open air entertaining.

Laura Memory Photography-99.jpg



The 600 ft² stone chapel was purposefully crafted by North Carolina artisans. It seamlessly marries modern craftsmanship with a rich tapestry of historical treasures, including centuries-old stained glass, roof tiles, and Medieval bricks, originating from England.


The scenic lawn, is a sprawling 2,000 ft² open-air canvas that sets the stage for timeless chapel exterior nuptials. Nestled against the picturesque backdrop of Haven Ridge's serene lake, our lush, grassy landscape provides a captivating setting for your special day, complete with its own aisleway leading to the chapel. 



We believe in spreading kindness and unity in our community. Diversity is beautiful and love conquers all. May God shine favor on this place of peace. To join those who love in marriage. For all who enter to feel welcome home. For the lost to be found. For broken families to be reunited. For hope to be restored. And dreams realized.

In Jesus' name. Amen.

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