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Introducing the Tiny Cottage, a Nordic minimalist-inspired retreat tucked away in the woodlands, opening in autumn of 2023. Perfect for pre-wedding and styled photoshoot preperations, or picnics and workshops on the patio, which boasts charming views of the nearby chapel. It's your cozy hideaway for those seeking a tranquil escape.


Each building on the property draws inspiration from different eras and countries in Europe, with the Tiny Cottage reflecting modern-day Scandinavian design, the chapel showcasing 16th-century English and Scottish architectural influences, and the Solarium embodying the elegance of the 19th-century Victorian Era.

In addition, the Tiny Cottage embraces an eco-friendly lifestyle, aligning with our mission to maintain a 'green wedding venue.' This commitment is beneficial not only for the grounds and the wildlife that inhabit it but also for creating an energy-efficient, toxin-free, and sustainable space to begin your day.



 Living Room & Kitchen: 

Smart TV,  leather couch, window bar seating for two


Coffee bar, and a vintage-inspired refrigerator
stocked with essentials 
(plates, glassware, utensils, etc.)

Outdoor Patios

A wrap around patio with meadows and chapel views. Perfect for small group picnics.

Getting Ready Space

While this charming cottage is not available for overnight stays, it warmly welcomes you for unforgettable pre-event preparations and styled photo shoots. Experience the comfort of a cozy morning in this thoughtfully designed space. Here, you'll find essentials like an espresso machine to kickstart your day with a burst of energy, a plush leather couch for relaxation, a Smart TV for entertainment, a convenient restroom, and a kitchenette.

*The owner's Celiac Disease drives her commitment to a gluten-conscious kitchenette, ensuring a safe environment for those with gluten sensitivities. There is an additional full-sized kitchen located at the Inn.


All Wedding Packages Include:

Exclusive access to the Chapel, Solarium (2024) and private 54 acre property, Bridal & Getting Ready Suites at the Inn & Tiny Cottage (add-on for Elopements), +1 hour photo shoot time, and Optional overnight stay



Bold Package-
2 nights


Modern & Minimal Packages-
1 night (+200/extra night)

Microwedding Package

Day of only (+$300/1 night)

Elopement Packages
Optional add-on ($200/day or +$300/1 night)

*cleaning fees apply



Bold Package-
3 hrs


Modern, Minimal &
Microwedding Packages-
2 hrs 

Elopement Packages
Optional add on (+$75/hr)

Additional Hours

at $75/hr
*cleaning fees apply


Included with Photographer's Bundle & Annual Photo Pass

Photo Sessions $60/hr
$30/30 mins.

Ask about availbility for getting ready suite for hair/makeup (+$30/hr)



  • Book a Studio session here, and inquire about availability of our getting ready suite in your request form

  • Looking for the perfect weekend retreat? Overnight stay at the Inn is available for guests.

  • Make it a picnic experience with Winston-Salem's Picnic Ladies to enjoy even more of the grounds during your stay.


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