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At the end of the day, we all need a Little sanctuary.

A charming private family-owned sanctuary and meadows for the unconventional couple, nestled in the city.
Now accepting outdoor photography sessions and picnics.
NOW BOOKING Elopements & Microweddings for Fall 2022, Mid-sized weddings for 2023.


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Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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  • Where are you located?
    We are located on a private property conveniently from major cities including: 10 minutes from Downtown Winston-Salem, NC 35 minutes from Greensboro, NC 75 minutes from Charlotte, NC 1 hr 45 minutes from Raleigh, NC We do not publicly share our address to remain a tranquil and private space. Our family resides on the property as well, so our address is only shared with invited guests by appointment via gated entry. Thank you for understanding.
  • Can I drop by for a tour?
    Due to the property being a gated and privately owned residence, site visits/tours by any parties must be scheduled via phone or email to to coordinate any visits at a convenient time for both our family and visitors. As we welcome you in our home, we hope you will make joyous lasting memories and ask you to treat it like your own backyard.
  • What spaces do you offer?
    The venue is nearly 10 acre designated area within 54 acres of land including, 1.2 acre lake as well as both plenty of wooded and open field area. The chapel itself is 600 sq. ft. and the Solarium is 1500 sq. ft. With plenty of key spots for photo opportunities and to assure you make the most of your time during your visit, you will need to arrive on time and prepared to explore (with walking shoes) or you may choose to stay in one central area. We are also here to make location recommendations based on your vision for the day. Just ask! For access to other areas such as the lake and waterfall, please schedule a time with us for a private photo session with your photographer of choice. DESTINATIONS INDOORS: The Inn The Tiny Cottage The Chapel The Solarium The Photo Studio ​ OUTDOORS: Sarah Nell Lake and The Cascading Waterfall The North & South Meadows The Grove (alongside the North Meadows) The Creek *Not pictured, The Solarium, Tiny Cottage and Inn
  • Is there free parking, valet or shuttle?
    Yes, ample designated parking is available on site. We have two parking areas and handicap accessibility and parking by the chapel. We also offer golf cart shuttle and valet parking through a 3rd party service. Golf cart shuttle is available for weddings.
  • What kind of wildlife might I spot during my visit?
    The grounds are home to a flourishing wildlife scene. From the white-tailed deer to Great Egrets and Blue Herons and wild Turkey sighting. Our lake is brimming with Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Crappie and a few Catfish. You never know what visitors may stop by to say hello!
  • Do you provide other services such as wedding planning?
    While we do not offer in-house wedding planning services, we are here to coordinate with you or your Planner on matters relating directly to the property, we do not offer planning services. We are here simply here to serve as the backdrop for you to share your special moments. Need recommendations or what vendors to trust with your big day? We've got you covered! We require a coordinator or planner for weddings over 50 persons because the larger the wedding, the more there is a need for someone acting on your behalf to keep the day organized and on track with your timeline goals. This does not have to be a hired professional necessarily, but there should be a point of contact such as a maid of honor, friend or family member who knows all of your plans and understands your vision for decor, etc. that day. As your venue coordinator, we do not act as a planner, rather will be available to coordinate any site visit appointments, pick ups/drop off from Vendors, rehearsal assistance, golf cart shuttling, and management of any equipment we are providing, but please be aware, we do not set up rentals that have not provided by us (this is typically handled by those vendors or family). This being said, we just want to assure you have all the help you need to make your day stress-free!
  • What if there is inclement weather?
    With the unpredictability of weather, should it storm or snow on the day of your event, we highly recommend tent rental.
  • Can I host an event here?
    The Meadows (our outdoor space) is available for picnics (hosted by Winston-Salem's Picnic Ladies) and photo shoots. For other special events (non-weddings), please inquire on our contact page. Learn more about our wedding packages by filling out a contact form.
  • Do you offer decor rentals?
    Yes, we do! You can shop from pieces here. Don't see what you're looking for? We are adding new inventory all the time, so please inquire!
  • How should I plan for my photo session?
    1. Request an appointment. You or your photographer can head to our Visit Us page to request a specific time and date for a photo session. As a private property, only scheduled visits are permitted to maintain a safe and private space for our guests. Photographer's Bundles are reserved exclusively for Photographers booking for their clients and 5 hour credits may be used within 12 months of claiming. If you're looking for more hours, the Annual Photo Pass may be right for you! 2. From there you will receive a confirmation email along with more details on parking, directions, etc. if your desired date is available or with an alternative availability if not. Please arrive as close to your booking time as possible (no earlier than 15 min prior) to guarantee the gate is unlocked for you. (We recommend bringing walking shoes!) Should it rain on your scheduled session date, your reservation will be transferred to a new date at no additional fee. Note, guests are responsible for clean up and waste disposal in proper trash and recycling bins on or off-site. This includes pet waste. Props and furniture are allowed and must be handled by professionals or guests who brought them. Pre-approval of the row boat is required and no guests may be on the water without supervision/presence of the property owners.
  • Can I reschedule my session in the event of inclement weather?
    Absolutely. Your paid session will be credited for your new date. Please reach out to us to coordinate a reschedule.
  • Do you offer a yearly photo pass or bundle?
    Yes, we do! This is available exclusively to photographers. Includes 5 hours of outdoor photo session time to be used by the hour in durations of a minimum of 1 hr/per session. Expires 12 months after activated and unused hours for the year are non-refundable. Includes exclusive grounds access to our waterfall, 1.2 acre lake, grassy meadows or shady woodlands. Book your Photographer's Bundle here. We also offer an Annual Photo Pass which includes 25 hours. Learn more/book Annual Photo Pass here. EACH VISIT IS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. When you have dates/times in mind, request your initial date here and then, please head back to our Photo Session request page to submit multiple/future requests and include in your notes you wish to use credit towards remaining Bundle or Annual Pass hours with said booking. Applicable credit will be applied.
  • How do I book my bridal/engagement photo session? What is included?
    You may request a date upon availability on our calendar here. Please note, these must be scheduled ahead of time, no drop-ins as we are a gated/by appointment only property. You will have access to the area of your choosing; the chapel, waterfall, lake, meadows or grove/woodlands. TO OUR WEDDING COUPLES: If you are one of our brides/grooms/couples, 1 hour of grounds access for photos is complimentary and can take place on the day of your wedding or another date. If you would like to add on our row boat or any other rentals, please let us know.
  • When can I book my wedding?
    We are now accepting bookings for elopements and microweddings and mid-sized weddings up to 125 guests beginning 2024.
  • How many people/guests can you host?
    While the chapel stands at an astounding, 34 feet tall, it is still very much a little chapel at just 600 square feet, seating 50-60 guests for intimate gatherings, celebrations, and worship. Our venue's outdoor space is nearly 10 acres within a 54 acre farm. Our Solarium (28.5 feet tall at 1500 sq. ft.) is our largest space, which can host up to 125 guests indoors which stands (booking for 2024 and beyond).
  • What packages do you offer?
    You can learn more about our packages and offerings here. Unlike your traditional venue, the Little Chapel and the Meadows is first and foremost a family-owned sanctuary, offering a rustic elegant setting and indoor intimate sanctuary to serve as the natural backdrop of your special day. We are happy to make vendor recommendations, but we do not offer in-house planning or other services such as catering. This way, each event can be tailored to craft your unique vision for the space to feel authentic to you as a couple. While our exterior appears as a 16th century inspired stone chapel, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find state-of-the-art technology inside, that brings the Little Chapel into the 21st century (including HVAC and high speed wifi). We invite you to follow along with our journey as we grow. We are now booking weddings (up to 125 guests) for 2024 and beyond. Our Solarium is the newest 1500sq. ft. addition to the property, making its debut in 2024 as a reception and special events space.
  • What's included for the Inn and Tiny Cottage by package?
    Bold Package: Day of getting ready suites (Inn & Tiny Cottage) and optional 2 night stay (The Inn) Modern Package: Day of and optional 1 night stay (The Inn), 2 hrs at the Tiny Cottage Minimal: Day of and optional 1 night stay (The Inn), 2 hrs at the Tiny Cottage Elopement: $200 day add-on for The Inn, $75/hr add-on for Tiny Cottage
  • Do you offer Elopement/Microwedding packages?
    We offer an Elopement package (up to 12 guests) and a Microwedding package (13-30 guests). Elopements and Microweddings are available Sunday-Thursdays.
  • Do you require wedding insurance?
    Yes, we do. It is afforable to add to most insurance plans for around $150-200 per event. Contact an insurance agent for more information and a quote. Trust us, it's worth it! What we require: Event insurance should include (but not limited to) the following coverage: General Liability, Bodily Injury Liability, Property Damage, Liquor Liability (if applicable), Cancellation or Postponement of Event, Extra Expense, Event Photographs And Video, Event Gifts, Special Attire, Special Jewelry, Loss of Deposits, and Professional Counseling.
  • Do you require a bartender?
    If you plan to serve alcohol at your event a licensed bartender is required.
  • What is the latest time an event can take place?
    All events conclude by 10pm. Grounds access for guests and vendor deliveries can start as early as 8am. For specific timeframes based on your package, please refer to our package details.
  • Do you require certain vendors or have a preferred vendor list?
    We do require a planner or day of coordinator for events over 50 guests. The client is responsible for the vendors they hire and is not limited to a list of preferred vendors. We do offer recommended vendors if you'd like suggestions from vendors we have collaborated with.
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