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Introducing the Celeste Bar: Our latest innovation designed to elevate your hosting experience. This sleek curved green bar that matches the green of the Solarium, a 2-piece set with shelves and convenient casters, effortlessly transitions to your chosen hosting location, be it the tranquil chapel, inviting courtyard, or vibrant Solarium. Make a lasting impression with the Celeste Bar, an essential addition for creating unforgettable moments at any event.



**Rented as a set of 2. 

Full Size (2 parts): 113" W, 24.5" D, 61" H

Half Size (1 section): 56.5" W, 24.5" D, 61" H

Celeste Bar

  • Policies: Decorating requires no tacks or sticky adhesive that would damage the bar, no sitting/standing on the bar top, please get approval if hanging anything from the bar

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